School of Physics Holds Symposium for New Talents

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To celebrate the 39th Teachers' Day and in alignment with the university's talent development initiatives, the School of Physics convened a symposium for new talents in Conference Room B706 of the Jade Science and Education Building on September 20th at 15:30. The symposium's theme was "Cultivating High-Quality Talents through Scientific Endeavors for to Boost the School’s High-Quality Development." The event was led by Gong Huiling, the Secretary of the School Party Committee, and attended by other school leaders, recently recruited talent representatives, and members of the School Party committee.

During the symposium, attendees engaged in lively discussions covering topics such as research directions, work plans, recent achievements, team and infrastructure enhancement, talent cultivation, and the challenges and needs encountered in both work and personal life. They actively brainstormed solutions to address the practical issues and concerns of the newly recruited talents, providing valuable suggestions to propel the school’s work to new heights.

Gong Huiling concluded the symposium with an address. She emphasized that, in conjunction with the thematic education on Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the Party Committee would focus on the core missions of the school, offering effective support and service to the incoming talent. Their aim is to maintain "sustained attention and unwavering commitment to promote development." The objective is to retain talent by forging emotional and career connections and to instill in all faculty and staff a deep sense of the noble mission and significant responsibility inherent in fostering a strong nation in education, science, technology, and talent. This commitment will firmly establish the ambition to contribute to the nation's strength through dedicated education, propelling the school’s high-quality development in all areas.

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