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Recruitment Announcement for the School of Physics, 2023

In recent years, the Hefei University of Technology has attached great importance to the development of the field of physics. Building upon the foundation of the original Physics Department and Optical Engineering Department, we have integrated resources from across the university to establish the new School of Physics.

The School of Physics, currently under development, offers Master's programs in the fields of Physics and Optical Engineering. It has already formed distinctive teams in areas such as quantum precision measurement, correlated electron systems, and optical devices. The school is positioned as a research-oriented institution and aims to develop 3-5 research teams with a significant international and domestic influence within approximately 5 years, ultimately becoming a nationally renowned physics institution with an engineering focus.

To meet the needs of the school's academic development, we have decided to openly recruit outstanding young talents from both domestic and international sources to join the school's relevant teams and platforms. The School will provide top-notch research facilities and competitive benefits. The following recruitment details are now available.

I. Positions Available

We are seeking Ph.D. holders and postdoctoral researchers in the fields of condensed matter physics, atomic and molecular physics, optics, theoretical physics, and plasma physics, among others.

II. Available Positions

Young Faculty Positions: Primarily aimed at outstanding Ph.D. graduates and postdocs under the age of 35. These positions come with a formal career appointment.

Huangshan Scholars Series for Middle-aged and Young Talents: This category includes the positions of Huangshan Scholar Distinguished Professor, Huangshan Scholar Outstanding Young Talent, and Huangshan Scholar Academic Backbone. These positions primarily target outstanding Ph.D. graduates, postdocs, and mid-career faculty members with the potential to become national-level young talents, leaders, and academic pioneers. These positions also come with formal career appointments and attractive benefits.

Hubing Scholars Series for High-level Talents: Mainly targeting academic leaders, national-level young talents, national-level leaders, and talents with a substantial level of achievement. These positions come with formal career appointments and offer generous benefits. We sincerely invite outstanding scholars from around the world to apply for the Overseas Young Talent Program under our school's support. For the successful applicants of the Overseas Young Talent Program, in addition to the subsidies and support provided by the national and provincial authorities (~2 million RMB, subject to specific policies), the university, after the formal appointment process, will offer Hubing Scholar Type III position support (Professor/Researcher, Ph.D. supervisor), with an annual salary of over 700,000 RMB, relocation allowance of 1 million RMB, assistance in arranging spouse employment, and children's school admission, among other benefits.

For specific requirements and benefits for each position, please refer to the 2023 Talent Recruitment Announcement published by the university's Human Resources Department at

III. Application Materials

A resume including personal information, educational background, research, work experience, and current research field and major achievements.

Scanned copies of educational and degree certificates, as well as professional title certificates.

Documents reflecting your work achievements, including a list of representative publications from the last five years, details of major research projects, and copies of certificates for scientific and technological achievements and authorized patents.

Any other supporting documents.

IV. Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr. Qian


If you are interested in this recruitment announcement and would like to learn more details, you can contact the person in charge using the provided contact information.

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